Sunday, January 17, 2016

(Granular) Organic Chicken Bullion Tutorial

My home-made bouillon is one of my oldest blog posts. Mostly I just use it in its regular state, but I find myself making granulate for some recipes (like when I make my own spice mixes). So I thought I'd add this brief tutorial to show how I turn my 'regular' bullion into granulate.

If you have missed the original bullion tutorial you can find it here.

I started by spreading a thin, even coat of bullion on a cookie sheet lined in parchment paper.

I baked it at 200F (in 15 minutes timed increments). This part will be a bit different for every batch of bullion (as the water content may be more or less with each batch) and will depend on your elevation as well. It took me approximately 45 minutes to get it completely dry. During this process I stirred every time I checked on the timer, to make sure that everything was drying evenly.  

This is how the final dried bullion looked. I turned the oven off and just left the mix to 'cure' overnight in the cold oven.

The next day I got the clumpy powder into my Ninja...

...and I pulsed to blend until smooth. Can I just take a minute here and sing the praises of my FIL and MIL for buying me this awesome kitchen appliance? I am not sure if I could survive without it anymore. O__o Totally addicted. I use it ALL THE TIME! Best tool in my arsenal. Hands down!

This is how smooth the Ninja blends the powder into. Ah-mazing! Moving on...

At this point all that is left is just to pour the granular into a mason jar (or an air tight container) and store it in a cool, dry place (i.e. spice cabinet). And that's it. Not much work if you have the base ready! I like that the granular is also shelf-stable, so it does not need refrigeration...which could come handy also if you are out camping or if you want to ship it in the mail. 

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