Thursday, July 2, 2015

How to Save "Dried-up Wood Filler"

It is summer time, and am nearly done with summer classes, so time has come to get back on the horse and work on some more projects! But as I go grab my beloved wood filler, I realize that Colorado dry weather has killed it! What has a girl to do, when she needs wood filler ASAP, and has a brick-in-a-box, you ask? Well, if it was old I would probably toss it. But I bought this 6 months I got dead bent into rescuing it instead! I figured that I had nothing to loose and tried my very best at resurrection! ^__^

Exibit A: caked, dried up wood filler -__-

I proceded to hack at the brick-o-solid with a butter knife 

I then used the back of a spoon to pulverize the clumps as much as possible...

...until I ended up with a smoothish powder

I added BOILING hot water (2 tablespoons to start with)...

...and mixed, mixed, mixed!

At this point it was better but still not the right consistency. I scraped the corners and the edges and gathered ALL the dry material. Now you see it... you don't ^__^

I added one more TBSP (3 total by now) of boiling water and mixed some more. This is the result:

Perfect consistency wood filler. Just like new! 
I hope this is helpful in case this happens to you. Sometimes the solution is easier than you think!

Happy Summer!

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