Sunday, January 18, 2015

Boot Socks From Thrifted Sweater Tutorial

Sooooo....I have been obsessing about boot socks since my friend V. gave my friend L. a pair for her birthday. I looked around but realized that I was not willing to pay what stores were asking. Then my new year's resolutions creeped into my brain (thrift and recycle more, buy less new) so I set up to make my own pair. There are TONS of tutorial on Pinterest on how to make your own, so I am not re-inventing the wheel by any means. But I figured I'd show how I made mine. I got the sweater for $2.50 at my local ARC Thrift Store. I looked for a very stretchy fabric, as the sleeves needed to fit my legs. I planned to add button embellishments. Then I found this cardigan with buttons on the cuffs: SCORE

I washed and dried the sweater and then proceeded to cut off my sleeves. I then used a ruler to straighten up my cut (I decided to add a cotton lace trim as well. So I added it to the photo).

Here are my sleeves all straight and such. The trim was purchased at Hobby Lobby for $2.99

I stitched a straight zig-zag to the cut edge to minimize fraying, as these will be washed a lot.

Here are my edged sleeves. Normally this end would be the part of the socks that is showing out of the boots, but I wanted to use the buttons as they were (and these sleeves fit on my leg both ways) so I used them upside down and this zig-zagged end will eventually be around my ankles.

I put on my boots and socks to measure how long my trim needed to be (waffle knit PJ's. Yup, I roll in style. LOL).

I then cut the trim to size, leaving a bit extra just in case.

Since the sleeves are very stretchy, but the trim is not, I had to stretch my sleeves to simplify sewing. For this part I searched the house for something that was the same circumference as my calves: i.e. a Tupperware container ^__^

Yup. It fits! :))

I slipped the sleeve around it inside out (I stitched the trim on the inside of the sock) and began hand stitching the trim to the cuff of my sleeve.

I used a very simple straight stitch for this, making sure that to make short (nearly invisible) stitches on the right side. If you don't know how to simple stitch you can see that stitch here. I stitched all around and secured the edge of the trim. This is what the trim looks like on the inside...invisible stitching and all.

I then tackled the zig-zag edge and hand stitched it to make a polished edge. I also used an invisible stitch for this. 

You can see here how I only grab one thread of fabric and secure it to the hem I am making. is the finished hems. The sleeve on top is inside out, while the bottom one is right side out. 

Et voila'. Finished. They are tighter at the top and looser at the bottom, almost a bell bottom fit. That is because I used the smallest part of the sleeve (cuff) as my sock's top. But usually I would do the opposite. So they would have a better fit and could be worn also with shoes to show off the entire sock, rather than just having it peek through boots. And YES! Those are KITTY KATS socks. Aren't they adorable? =^..^=

There it is, boot socks from a thrifted sweater...

...they are very warm and can be worn with riders boots but also with slouchy or ankle boots.

Now I can shift my obsession on wearing those cuties, rather than where to get cheap ones!

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