Thursday, June 6, 2013

Carriage-style Garage Doors Hack Tutorial

So far we have worked at beautifying the inside of our 1971 split level rancher. But this week I finally got around to my first project outdoors (besides pulling weeds, that is! LOL). I have been thinking at how to hack some fencing gates' hardware for a while now, in order to give a little more something-something to the garage doors. In fact, I even priced it for our previous home, but it was neithr cost nor labor effective, so I abandoned the idea. Regular garage doors look so oddly something is missing!

Then one day I got lost at Home Depot, I wandered out of my DH sight and that was it. Could not find him to save my life! LOL. So I just started to go down the isles in an attempt to find my lost love...and instead, low and behold, I stumbled upon THIS!!!!

I could not believe my eyes! Exactly what I had wanted and without hacking or costly expense! It was on sale for $14.99! Without even thinking about it, I just snatched up 3 packs and threw them into my cart! This set called "fleur de lis" is not your only option. Crown also manufactures other styles such as traditional...

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...and premium with rings rather than door handles...

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...As well as faux windows too!
Although, at $99 a pair, I would have certainly painted on my own windows! It's just black squares after all! And the effect would not change, you'd have the illusion of windows from the street!
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With the hardware in hand, my next step was to get rid of the tan doors and dark brown trim. We had already gotten rid of the chocolate trim around the windows when we installed them last summer.

Here are two close up shots of the before and after for the single door.

I always love to see what a difference a can of paint makes! Aren't they already SO much better?

The installation was very easy. After deciding the placement for the hardware, DH drilled some pilot holes and then it was just as easy as screwing them in. 

Here is a close up. Pretty cool um? 

I think they look awesome! I can't wait but giggling with pleasure when I see them ^__^

We ended up only using 2 kits instead of 3, as my DH thought two kits on the double garage door would be overkill. I am not opposed to the look of the two kits per double door, but I am fine with this look as well. What do you think? Nice update for a $50 investment, right? 

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